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Our tasks are defined individually and in detail in the contracts with our business partners.

Our performance in general comprise the monitoring of the European and national regulations relevant for our contractual partner. Accordingly, we permanently follow the development or revision of EU regulations (ordinances and directives), but also national laws or standards (ISO, CEN, DIN), always with the focus on the relevance for certain polymers or converted plastics.

Among the plastic-relevant horizontal regulations are in particular a few regulations in the area of product safety (general product safety directive, product liability law), ecology (waste framework directive, thematic strategy, waste prevention and recycling, IVU directive, waste law), consumer protection (consumer-political strategy 2007-2013, consumer information act) and last but not least the new European chemicals policy REACH.

Besides the horizontal regulations, we also follow the vertical regulations which regulate substances and their applications. The most important vertical regulations relevant to plastics apply to the following applications:

Packaging (packaging directive, packaging ordinance), materials with food contact (framework ordinance 1935/2004/EC, plastics directive, consumer goods regulation), construction products (construction products directive), electrical and electronics (WEE directive), automobile (ELV directive).

Since we are constantly dealing with the regulated areas described for years, we have a wide knowledge and comprehensive competence, which we use for our activities for the various plastics. For historical reasons and the grown contractual partnerships the focus of our activities is in the area of polymers and the conversion of PVC and PET in particular to films.


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