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Lobby in the area of plastics and films


One focus of our activities is in the comprehensive representation of interests for our partners in plastics and films. We are making sure that the interests of our partners in the plastics and converting industry are taken into account on the European and national political level and in the relevant scientific bodies (e.g. SCHER and BfR).


Monitoring of legislation - Advocacy


For this it is essential to monitor the national and EU legislation. Everywhere, where the interests of our industries and partners are affected by the legislator, we are getting involved. For example in the area of the European chemicals policy (REACH), the waste framework directive, the packaging directive, the consumer goods regulation, framework regulation 1935/2004/EC, the plastics directive, the regulation on good manufacturing practice (GMP), etc.


In addition, we actively follow the work in the relevant parliamentary committees, participate in public stakeholder hearings, consultation procedures, work on joint position papers, push amendments in the course of the legislative process and much more.




We are no alone fighters, but work on our targets together with other representatives of interest from the plastics industry. These are associations such as EuPC (European Plastics Converters), PlasticsEurope, ECVM (European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers), AgPU (Arbeitsgemeinschaft PVC und Umwelt), DVI (Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut).




Information about our activities is another of our performances. We report on all current developments for the development, production, processing and application of plastics on a weekly basis in our electronic 'expert info'. This presents an up-to-date extract of our Management Information System (MIS). Our MIS database contains approx. 11 000 articles on the subject plastics.


Beyond that we inform in the Daily News on topical issues regarding plastics from around the world.




We also offer custom-made in-house training for our partners so that their experts always remain up-to-date.

Together with the DVI, we organise an annual seminar on the European and German packaging law.


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