Our Strategy * Our Advocacy Concept

Our strategy is the assurance of an efficiently realisable compliance of our partners' products with current and new laws.

New product-relevant laws result from the constantly increasing expectations of the society of the products' ecology, safety and harmlessness. This applies to the complete life cycle along the value chain.

The demand of the efficient realizability includes the designability of regulations through advocacy at an early stage. When the legislator starts formulating a bill, considerable preparatory work has already taken place. We therefore monitor the public, political and NGO discussions and activities and communicate this to our partners.

The two- to three-year phase, a relevant law or a standard takes to develop is closely accompanied by us in each phase. This is possible by the constant and systematic accompaniment of the political activities.

A wide association work is the basis for a Europe-wide networking, which besides the own also makes possible the indirect collaboration in all relevant bodies. Product-related interests usually have to be attended to by additional commitment. This is possible for us by our manifold mandates in executive committees. Product-related requirements are communicated in the dialogue with our customers.

The public acceptance of the products is not only a question of the compliance with the laws. Among our partners on the market are also converters, retail trade, NGOs, media and end-users. We design the necessary activities together with our partners.

Communication with all involved managers and experts of our partners is taking place on a daily basis. It is assured by a Management Information System (MIS).


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